Date: Friday June 28th

Duration: 3,5 hours

Organizers/contact persons: Frode Flemsæter

Title: Hiking in Trondheim’s Peri-Urban Outdoors

On this excursion, we will be hiking to Geitfjellet, which is a small mountaintop with great views in the peri-urban outdoors – “Marka” - surrounding Trondheim. A short bus ride will take us to the start of the trail. Marka is a highly valued area and is used for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and mountain biking. We will arrange a packed lunch for all who participate. The hike will not be very physically demanding. You will need clothes suited for a half-day outdoors, as well as good shoes as the trail might be a little wet.

Allemannsretten, the Public Right of Access, which is folded into The Outdoor Recreation Act, grants all citizens the right to access most areas in Norway whenever they wish. We have however observed increased tensions between people in the outdoors, or at least we have increasingly read about such tensions in the media. Participation in the outdoors seems just as much morally as it is legally controlled and regulated. Frode Flemsæter, who will be the guide on this trip, will present some of the research he has taken part in about the moralities of the Norwegian outdoors.

Time schedule:

08:30 – Departure hotel

08:50 – Start of Hike

10:00 – Packed lunch at Geitfjellet

11:30 – Departure Marka

12:00 – Arrival hotel

Tentative program:

Depending on the weather, we will have 2-3 stops, where Frode Flemsæter will present some of the current debates on and about the Norwegian outdoors (Friluftsliv), including some research. 

Participants have to dress for the weather. It might get hot and sunny, but it could also be rainy. Even if the weather is nice, the trail might be a bit wet or muddy. A small backpack would be preferable, but not strictly necessary.

View from Geitfjellet
View from Geitfjellet Photo: