Traditional workshop

WG 1 Digital Agriculture and Sustainable Rural and Food Futures

WG 2 Smart rural futures: new technologies and digitisation in rural regions

WG 3 Animalia: Partnerships, policies and understandings for more than human rural futures

WG 4 Rural (im)mobility, social and spatial inequalities

WG 5 Poverty, Inequality, Social Disadvantage & Opportunity Structures in Rural Areas

WG 6 Politics and policies of rural authenticity and the return of nationalism and populism

WG 7 Organic 3.0: beyond old binaries, beyond organic?

WG 8 Embodied practices and embodied transformations in the rural

WG 9 Changing roles of fisheries, recreation and conservation in European Coastal Communities – New cultures by blue policies?

WG 10 Rural public health – Place matters

WG 11 Social innovation and social farming as a driver of transformations and changes in rural areas.

WG 12 Imagining better food futures’: ethics, responsibility and accountability in food systems

WG 13 Justice and (dis)empowerment in diversifying rural landscapes of food and conservation

WG 15 The Sociology of Rural Entrepreneurship

WG 16 Land: Resource, Territory, and Relations.

WG 17 Place-based cooperation and sharing among farmers for agroecological innovation

WG 18 Social justice and the future of rural places after the crisis

WG 19 Rural Spatial Justice and Territorial Inequalities

WG 20 Governing urban-rural relations and synergies: evolving theories and practices

WG 21 Examining intersectionality and lived experiences of exclusion of individuals and households living and working in the countryside

WG 33 Family Farming: Agriculture and Rural Development 


Panel debates/lightning talks/table discussions – one session

WG 22 Qualifications and rural development: From challenges in a near future to the opportunities for those in greater disadvantage

WG 23 Understanding Rural Community Resilience – Enabling rural communities to harness knowledge and deal with change

WG 24 Contemporary Arts in Sustainable Rural Development: Comparative Explorations

WG 25 Making (a new) sense of counterurbanisation – Vignettes from the South

WG 26 Provenance foods as a pathway for a sustainable rural transformation

WG 27 What’s next for agriculture and rural communities post-Brexit – opportunities and challenges?

WG 30 Change and resilience. International migration and its impact on rural and mountain regions.

WG 31 Benefits, challenges, social learning and controversies around local food systems

WG 32 Applied rural research and the sustainable development goals in rural Europe



RC-40 pre-conference session - Financialisation of agri-food systems – urgent and future challenges



Poster session