Date: Friday June 28th

Duration: 08:30- 16:00

Organizers/contact persons: Reidar Almås 

Title: From urban community farming to modern pluriactive highland agriculture

This excursion starts at Melhus Farm in Gauldalen, 20 km south of Trondheim, where the farming couple has developed parts of their farmland for cooperative community farming. Urban dwellers interested in cultivating their own vegetables are invited to participate in a cultivation cooperative. The members get there early in the spring when the farmers, with their machines, have made the soil ready for planting and sowing. They participate during the summer with the weeding, irrigation and care of the plants by capacity. The members also participate in the harvest when the crop is distributed. In addition, the farm has a modern livestock building, which we will also see.

We then head to the sparsely populated Hølonda community, which is located in the highlands - 45 km south of Trondheim. There we will visit a pluriactive family farm with 15 cows. An additional income comes from farm animal pedicures: the farmer performs the care of the cow hooves, while the wife on the farm shoes horses.

Afterwards, we will have lunch in the neighbouring converted sheep farm building, where Sissel and Reidar Almås have built a 10-meter-high “hunting and experience tower” with a sky bar at the top. Reidar Almås will give a talk on how the rural population in this agricultural and forestry farm community has adapted to survive structural changes in agriculture with various forms of modern part-time farming and rural services.


Time schedule and tentative program: 

08:30 - Bus from hotel. Bring your luggage

09:00 – Medalhus community farm (Medalhus andelslandbruk)

10:30 – Departure for the Highlands

11:00 – Visiting Lufall pluriactive farm to view cow pedicures

12:00 – Lunch at Jårheim, a converted sheep farm building

13:00 – Reidar Almås’ talk on how rural people adapt to changes in agriculture

13:30 – Short walk to the “hunting and experience tower” in the woods

13:45 – Coffee, camp fire and exploring the surroundings

14:30 – Departure for Trondheim Airport, Værnes

15:45 – Arrival at Trondheim Airport, Værnes

16.30 – Arrival at Trondheim City Centre


Wear walking shoes and clothes according to the weather.


Jårheim visiting farmhouse

Facebook: Jårheim

Medalhus cooperative community farm

Facebook: Medalhus Farm

The Tower in the woods