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Piotr Nowak

Adam Dąbrowski

Institute of Sociology

Jagiellonian University, Poland

email address: piotr.nowak@uj.edu.pl

Topic: Social farming in rural development in the face of demographic challenges in Poland

Keywords: social farming, social service, rural areas, family farms


The care farm is an innovative solution of demographical problems which are connected with social ageing and other issues regarding care services in rural areas. The idea of care farm consists in the combination of the multifunctional agriculture with social services on the local level. The aim of the GROWID project is to develop and implement a model of “care farm”, which would be acceptable in polish specific legal, demographic, social and cultural conditions. It will be accomplished thanks to completing five research tasks and two implementation tasks. The research tasks are: Searching for informal types of care services for seniors within cooperation networks in rural areas. Diagnosis of social attitudes towards elderly people and demands for care services. Costs analysis and defining the potential of local authorities and local farmhouses to implement the idea of care farm. Identification and evaluation of previous initiatives regarding care farms in Poland. Development of the model of care farm in Poland. The implementation tasks are: Preparation for the implementation of the model of care farms Development of essential legal regulations and promotion of the model of care farms.

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