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Robert Newbery
Robert Newbery

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Robert Newbery, Newcastle University Business School, Robert.newbery@newcastle.ac.uk

Jane Atterton, Rural Policy Centre, SRUC

Gary Bosworth, Lincoln School of Geography

Nikolaos Apostolopoulos,  University of Plymouth

Objectives: The annual Rural Entrepreneurship conference (now in its 17th year) offers a forum for academic and practitioner development; however, the sociological roots of rural entrepreneurship are far from clear. We propose holding a working group that develops the sociology of rural entrepreneurship and changing the Rural Entrepreneurship conference into a bi-annual conference that alternates with ESRS. The objective is to create a pipeline for the development and discussion of strong theoretical papers that will further expand the field of rural entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship is a maturing academic field that claims its heritage as a hodgepodge of disciplines. However (and to essentialise) at its ontological heart it is most often found as a positivistic and epistemologically quantitative paradigm that has pushed interpretivist and socially constructed qualitative approaches to the margin. Nowhere is this more apparent than in rural entrepreneurship, a ‘sub-field’ where an academic heritage of rural social inquiry leaves rural entrepreneurship often searching for a disciplinary home. Approaches have been made to locate this academic base and ontological, epistemological, empirical and theoretical papers have sought to define rural entrepreneurship. This working group provides a forum for sociological approaches to rural entrepreneurship.


Traditional Format 3-4 papers with allocated discussants followed by wider discussion