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Clarion Congress & Hotel, Cosmos 3C


André Magnan (Associate Professor) and Annette Desmarais, Sociology and Social Studies, University of Regina.

Topic: Farmers’ perceptions of changing patterns of farmland ownership, farmland concentration, and financialization in Canada


For several years, scholars have been documenting changes to farm structure and farmland ownership on the Canadian prairies. To date, scholars have documented new forms of corporate ownership and control in the sector; increasing concentration of farmland into fewer hands; and increasing non-farm investment in prairie farmland. The main drivers of these changes are the ongoing neoliberal restructuring, rationalization, and financialization of the sector. We report on some recent findings from a four year project on farmland ownership change and concentration in Saskatchewan, Canada. We find that farmland ownership is becoming increasingly concentrated and that investor ownership continues to increase despite tighter ownership restrictions imposed by the provincial government in 2015.

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