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Clarion Congress & Hotel, Cosmos 3C


Pia Heike Johansen, University of Southern Denmark, Danish Centre for Rural Research


Jesper S. Schou University of Copenhagen, Department of Food and Resource Economics


Topic: Synergy and conflict between goals by multifunctional land consolidation project – a learning and democratic tool for engaging stakeholders


In response to the increased number of stakes on land use, attention amongst planners and policymakers has been directed at the multifunctional potentials of landscapes. In Denmark this has started a debate about the need for a land reform redistributing land so that multiple stakes could be met.  A Collective Impact process involving national interest groups with stakes on land use initiated the debate. The CI process lead to the start of three pilot projects on multifunctional land consolidation. An interdisciplinary group of researchers was engaged to measure the effect of multifunctional land consolidation in three pilot projects. This group developed a method for measuring the ex ante potentials and ex post impact of land consolidation, which includes five academic disciplines. The disciplines include rural development, outdoor recreation, environment, farm economics, and biodiversity (Johansen et al. 2018). In this paper we elaborate over the synergy and conflicts between the fulfilling of the 25 different goals. We draw on the methods used for clarifying synergy and conflict between the 17 Sustainable Development goals. We found that explaining the synergy and conflict between for the multiple demands on land may serve as a learning and democratic tool for involving stakeholders in policy and planning processes at the national as well as the local level.

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