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Fjorden, Pirsenteret


Vicent A. Querol

Jaume I University, Castelló. Philosophy and Sociology Department– Spain (vquerol@uji.es)

Xavier Ginés Sánchez

Jaume I University, Castelló – Philosophy and Sociology Department– Spain (fgines@uji.es)

Albert López Monfort

Jaume I University, Castelló – Culture UJI (amonfort@uji.es)

Topic: Culture events as strategy of resistance for rural areas in a southern european area in a post-crisis context (Castelló)

Key words: southern rurality, culture, resilience, post-crisis


The offer and cultural consumption and even the idea of culture have been habitually linked to urban spaces. Along with this, last financial and economic crisis has meant important cuts in those considered more superfluous services from the neoliberal viewpoint. In this context, rural municipalities have incorporated cultural strategies unevenly. Furthermore, in many cases it has been civil society that has maintained proposals derived from tradition, many of which have evolved over time or new bets born in current context. This communication analyzes cultural proposals in urban and rural spaces of the province of Castelló, minimally categorizing the offer in the territory through a radiography of cultural events. The communication tries to observe the general offer of the territory, compare the urban programming with the rural one and analyze the forms of resistance in the rural spaces which try to maintain an attractive offer. It will be observed as well what type of cultural offers with certain entity are programmed in the territory, who are the agents that program or organize and to what public these events are directed. The exhibition of cultural events is restricted for our analysis to practices as a festival or cycle, be it music, performing arts, dance or others. It is intended to avoid specific programming, disjointed and without clear intention to develop a stable program that pretends to generate a sociocultural change. For this, various sources agglutinating events have been consulted, also agencies that collect this information and a detailed search in the network for the 155 municipalities of the province. The panorama of cultural events will allow to analyze if, through the data, there are any forthcoming resilience and livelihood strategies. Or, in other words, if there are municipal or county strategies that try to generate attractive spaces of life in the rural spaces in order to fight depopulation tendencies in the actual post-crisis context.

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