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Munken, Pirsenteret


Mario Riquelme


Topic: The mobility of peri-urban agriculture as social sustainability in the agglomerates of Andalusia Spain and northeastern Brazil.

Keywords: mobile peri-urban agriculture, social sustainability, land expansion.


The combination of peri-urban agriculture approaches and social mobility strategies single out the current phase of metropolitan rurality. The aspects that organize and disadjust social options are discussed in the various post-productive structural arrangements associated with the expansion of rural land to the outlying agglomerates surrounding cities. This topic therefore constitutes the two entries of reflection of this article to consider the conceptual framework in the diversity of the mobility strategies in Gonzales and Camarero (2005), Camarero and Oliva, (2002), Oliva (2006), and Camarero (et all; 2012), understood here as a hypothetical aspect for the social sustainability used by peri-urban agriculture to integrate into labour markets in commuting mobile occupations. The structural aspects and collective projects undertaken by mobile farmers examine the preliminary results of research in the case study in the contour strips of the region of La Vega in Seville and in the metropolitan agglomerates of Strength by means of bibliographic documentation tools to approximate the methodological formulation in the diversity of the mobile peri-urban agriculture. The final challenges imply the possible rural horizons in the areas under study on the current readjustments in the fragmented planes of soil rearrangement with effects on the commodification of land of the mobile peri-urban agriculture of one and another Iberian country in the grids of metropolitan contour.

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