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Clarion Congress & Hotel, Luna


Anna Sitek, Educational Research Institute.


Topic: Qualifications: A new opportunity for development and its residents – the case of Poland


For many years we have been witnessing dynamic processes of change that are happening in rural areas. As a result of these changes, rural life is becoming more and more diverse, and agriculture is no longer the main source of income – in rural areas there is a growing share of income from non-agricultural activities. This situation contributes to the increase in the attractiveness of rural areas for the creation of non-agricultural jobs, which in turn is associated with the need to not only raise, but also confirm – by rural residents – the qualifications acquired in their daily activities activities. There are to many (previously unconscious) qualifications that rural residents can confirm in order to start a new business or professional activity. Raising and confirming qualifications contributes to increasing the competences of individual residents. There is no doubt that the process of acquiring, accumulating and confirming qualifications allows individuals to function more efficiently in the social space (both at the macro, meso and micro level), for example in active searching and taking up a job. In addition, qualifications seem to be crucial to improving the quality of life, reducing poverty, increasing the productivity of rural residents and promoting sustainable development of rural areas, as well as a consequence of building and stimulating the resilience of rural social systems.

The presentation will be based on the analysis of qualifications submitted to the Integrated Qualifications System in Poland and information obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture

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