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Ingrid Machold
Ingrid Machold

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Manfred Perlik
Manfred Perlik

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Convenors: Ingrid Machold, Andrea Membretti and Manfred Perlik

Rural and mountainous areas are experiencing significant demographic changes. While depopulation was widely seen as the main characteristic of these regions in the past, the increase of international immigration to new immigration destinations (NIDs) affects the economic, social and cultural structure of rural and mountainous regions and results in higher levels of social diversity. This may (and often does) create stress upon rural and mountain communities.

The capacity to tackle these challenges in a creative manner and to adapt and develop alternative and resilient development paths that make use of the potential of the new entrants is in demand.

Paper and panel proposal addressing one or more of the following themes in the context of rural and mountainous areas are welcomed:

  • Social and economic effects and impacts of international migration on rural and mountain regions
  • Assessment of integration policies (labour market, education, social welfare, etc.) with regard to rural and mountainous environment
  • How to benefit from social diversity: the relevance of social innovation
  • Governance of social inclusion, to enhance the understanding of different local patterns and processes of integration and inclusion
  • The role of culture and arts with regard to social inclusion


The working group builds on an already existing network “Foreign immigration in the Alps (ForAlps)” but interventions should not be restricted to this group and space. An important aim of the WG will be to enlarge and intensify these discussions by addressing relevant topics and by considering possible future collaborations.

Therefore, very short presentations (2-8 minutes) are encouraged (lightening talks) followed by an open and moderated discussion involving the audience.