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Clarion Congress & Hotel, Polaris


Maria Assunta D’Oronzio, Gianluca Gariuolo (presenter) and Maria Carmela Suanno.


CREA Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e analisi dell’economia agraria Centro di ricerca Politiche e Bio-economia (CREA Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bioeconomy)



Topic: Resilience strategy of a fisherman community

Keywords: Coastal rural communities – Multifunctionality ad Diversification of fisheries activities  – strengthening resilience  – FLAG


The proposed analysis refers to the action and the resiliences strategies implemented by the small fishermen communities in the Italian coastal areas based on the experience of the Lucanian coasts.

Coastal areas are characterized by two macro local economic systems. On the one hand, development policies and natural resources characterized by intensive agriculture; beyond, tourist systems characterized by a strong anthropization. In the middle a small community of fishermen, increasingly marginal and small in the number of workers and operators in the supply chain.

Latterly, there has been a reawakening by fishermen with an awareness of the seafaring identity. Lore, knowledge, ancient crafts and practices are again the focus of attention thanks to the involvement of other operators belonging to different worlds. A really bottom-up approach of construction and concertation path has led, starting from 2012, some fishermen, previously strongly individual and “marginalized” by local market, to build a co-designing action and governance of development processes increasing:

– The associative capacity of the sector: establishment of two associations for the promotion and enhancement of small-scale artisanal fishing;

– Participation in decision-making processes: agreement with public-private partnerships for carry out structural investments for the fisheries sector and cooperation in the definition of Local Development Strategy;

– Widespread knowledge of development policies and active participation in representative private bodies of the fishing sector (Fishermen network and FLAG’s board)

A path, therefore, that allowed to activate a new way of recognizing and working that set up a collective project that was an active part in addressing the territorial policies of the sector.

The fishing community has put in place some strategies and actions of resilience towards the tourist economic and agricultural system of the coastal area transforming, in its favor, the critical issues of the local productive system through the planning of diversification actions of its activity (fishing tourism), the experimentation of forms of inter-sectorial cooperation with other rural operators (food and wine and short food supply chains) and local concertation for the definition of development policies (creation of a network between fishermen and the public for the management of fishing landings and participation in environmental protection activities).

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