About the event

Date: Tuesday June 25. 2019

Time: 19:30 - 20:30

Where: Archbishops palace

Practical info:

An organ concert will take place in the Nidaros Cathedral Tuesday 18:45 (doors will open at 18:30). Shuttle buses from the hotel to the cathedral start running at 17:30, and the last bus will depart at 18:15. If you prefer to walk, it is less than 25 minutes from the hotel to Nidaros Cathedral. After the concert, we will walk to the Archbishop’s Palace (a 2 minute’ walk from the cathedral), where there will be a welcome reception with appetizers. The welcome reception and the program for the day ends around 19:30. The Archbishop’s Palace is located in a central part of Trondheim, with walking distance to a number of restaurants (see Trondheim City Guide enclosed). The walk back to the hotel from the cathedral takes about 25 minutes. In the case of rain, we will hand out rain ponchos in the hotel lobby. For those who indicated a need for transport back to the hotel when registering for the congress, a bus will depart outside the cathedral at 20:45.

Nidaros Cathedral and Archbishop’s Palace:

Nidaros Cathedral (Norwegian: Nidarosdomen) is the world’s northernmost medieval cathedral and Norway’s national sanctuary. The Cathedral is the grave church of St. Olav, the patron Saint of Norway. In addition to it now being one of Europe’s major historical pilgrim destinations, coronations and royal blessings take place in the church. Together with Nidaros Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace play a central role in Norway’s history. The building of the cathedral started in the second half of the 12th century and is today one of the best-preserved buildings of its kind in Europe. The Archbishop’s Palace has been both the residence of the most powerful men in Norway and a military installation.

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